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TRS-80 Level-I BASIC could only store two string variables, A$ and B$. Similarly, I was born with only two bug-storing-slots in my brain. At any given time, I can only remember two bugs. If you ask me to remember three, one of them will fall on the floor and get swept under the bed with the dust bunnies, who will eat it.

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On Minimal · What I should have said

If you actually want to ship an MVP, you have to approach it from below, delivering a product that turns out not to be viable and adding to it until it is. You have to look back and say, ah, that minimal release was the first one that was viable.

Why are my customers fighting this? Well they’re rational too, and know that a consequence of this process is that your first few releases will be failures. If you can’t survive the embarrassment of walking home with a broken bike frame, then maybe it’s best to make sure that your MVP process is a bit less public.

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When an Argument Gets Too Heated, Here’s What to Say – HBR

Try using one or more of the following in your next conflict during a meeting:

  • “I think this is a really important issue that we need to talk through openly.”
  • “Thanks for raising this issue. I’m uncomfortable with where we’re heading and would feel better if we could talk it through as a team.”
  • “I think it took guts to put that on the table. I respect that.”
  • “You come at this from a very different perspective than I do, so it’s natural that we see it differently.”

More context on this over at hbr. Or you can try looking smarter at those meetings, by saying some of these things from here.



The 4$ India mobile phone possibly a scam

More evidence surfaces online about Freedom 251, the Android phone on sale in India for 251 INR, the equivalent of $3.65 USD at today’s rates.

Accordingly to different online sources collated at this is how the website looked like on the day of announcement

original website

while the next day it was like

original website

You can find the rest of the discrepancies here.